King of Agon

King of Agon is an anime-style browser-based MMORPG from Lekool Games. In the game, players dress up their characters in fashion outfits, equip them with advanced class-specific weapons, accept lots of bounty quests and go hunt the minions and evil bosses in the dungeons.


Inspired by the famous anime One Piece, the game features a pirate theme and lots of familiar faces everywhere, for example, the queen, the protagonist Luffy and the pet. Players won’t deal with huge monsters in dungeons and instances. Instead, they will encounter cute or funny characters there, which include a charming princess and a handsome guy.

The characters, either beautiful or funny, are not as impressive as the maps. If you ever play titles such as Pockie Pirates, Cyber Monster or anything with quality pictures like that, you might not be too surprised at the graphics in King of Agon. However, this game in question is an MMORPG where various instance maps are offered. So, almost wherever you go, you find the quality and nice pictures that would never fail to entertain and dazzle you.

Players go through the explorations and adventures of a pirate, who is determined to become the most powerful pirate, or pirate King. They will mostly accept bounty quests, and head for various destinations to defeat the objects, or bosses as we know in most RPG titles. Since the minions and bosses in advanced levels are more powerful, you have to ensure victories by equipping advanced gear and have superior pals, or pets, as company.

There is no level distinction in the game and you will not have to accumulate experience and gradually level up to learn skills. Actually, the game uniquely offers all the functions right from the get-go and players could use multiple battle skills and have access to all the functions right away. But you still need to complete certain quests and sometimes spend real money to obtain better skill books that will increase your power.

Although the game focuses on dungeon crawls, players never obtain many rewards after completing them unless they are doing a quest that promises handsome rewards. Most of the necessary things, including the Beli, or the game currency, and health potions, are instead dropped after you’ve killed minions and bosses in the dungeons and instances. But picking up drops in King of Agon is somehow a miserable experience. It is very difficult to pick any piles of Beli coins, bags of potions or anything else from the ground. It might take you one click to kill a minion but five or six to pick up what he or she has dropped. Sometimes, I was even afraid to kill more minions for fear that there would be more things on the ground almost impossible to pick up.

The automatic battling function could solve that problem but it also causes a new disappointment. The relief to watch all the drops picking up in less than a second is beyond description, and so is the dismay to discover that the protagonist is reluctant to move anywhere, and is always unleashing various skills from where it is, no matter whether or not there are enemies around. In that case, you have to move your character near the enemies and then enable the auto-combat.

King of Agon offers pictures amazing enough to make players linger but it still needs improvements on the automatic battling and item picking stuff.

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