Ultima Forever: Quest for the Avatar Review

Mythic Entertainment and EA have released a cross platform RPG called Ultima Forever: Quest for the Avatar. It is now free to play on iPad and iPhone and will be available on Android and PC later this year. Both longtime fans and new comers can begin a fresh adventure in the underworld dungeons of the Ultima universe.

Ultima Forever: Quest for the Avatar is set twenty-one years after what happens in Ultima IV. The world of Britannia is now slowly being tore apart by the Black Weep, a plague that tortures people and turns its suffers into evil creatures. Lady British is recruiting heroes from Earth, who are immune to the plague and are the only power that can restore the peace in the world. As one of the hero candidates, you can choose to be a fighter or a mage and set forth on grand adventures in the world of Britannia, enter various dungeons, and complete tasks by killing monsters, collecting items, and solving puzzles.

The battle system in this game is similar to that in Ultima IV, with great co-op features. You can go on all dungeon quests on your own, but you also have the choice of forming a 4-player group before entering the dungeon. At the entrance of each dungeon, you’ll be able to find plenty of other players who intend to dive in and form a team with these fellow adventurers. Alternatively, you can import your friends from facebook and adventure with old acquaintances.

The scores you get from a dungeon is based on fighting monsters, killing bosses, opening chests, completing challenging and more. You will lose score if you die and it take much longer to finish. Thus, it is preferable to enter a dungeon as a group. The small-group battles are the highlights in this game. You will need to consider how to select your abilities and equipment so you can better cooperate with other group members, as well as how to gain tactical advantages in battle.

Making branching choices is a big part of the experience in Ultima Forever. Along the way, you will come into different occasion in which your decision is needed in solving a Quandary, your choice of how to react will earn you Virtues. There is no wrong answer, as all choices you make will earn you one of the eight different Virtues, and all Virtues contribute to your level. But decisions should be made wisely and carefully anyway, as they may have an impact later.

During your dungeon adventure, you will discover treasure chests, and you will need keys to unlock these chests: the better the key, the better the loot. You can get Bronze keys by killing dungeon monsters, and you can combine 10 Bronze keys into 1 silver key. The gold keys, however, can only be acquired through in-App purchase with real money. But still, as long as you are content with your loot, the entire game can be played without making any purchase.

Ultima Forever: Quest for the Avatar is a great game. It offers lots of rich and deep RPG elements and allows players to have tons of fun exploring dungeons and to go on open world quests and adventures with friends across any supported platform. It may be a little bit stale for those who already played Ultima IV, but those who hasn’t should definitely give it a try.

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