Star Citizen Offering A $27,000 Add-On Pack

Star Citizen developer Cloud Imperium Games is offering an expensive new add-on pack for the hugely ambitious PC space simulator. The Legatus Pack, as it’s called, comes with 117 ships and 163 extra things like upgrades and skins. It costs….$ 27,000.

And that’s not all. To even view the Legatus Pack store page, you need to have already spent $ 1,000 on Star Citizen. If you haven’t, you’ll get a 404 error. For what it’s worth, 117 is almost the total number of ships available in the game.

Forum user Dakuisha has a roundup of everything in the Legatus Pack–see it here (via PC Gamer). Other forum posters have pointed out that you can contact customer support to view the Legatus Pack store page if you haven’t spent the required $ 1,000.

Star Citizen is the most successful crowdfunded project of any kind in history. It has raised more than $ 185 million, bringing in $ 35 million in 2017 alone. For more, check out one hour’s worth of gameplay from Squadron 42 in the video embedded above.

German developer and publisher Crytek is suing Cloud Imperium Games over breach of contract and copyright infringement claims. Cloud Imperium has since fired back.