Mini Mr Sparkles sold for $700.

2. If you are going to give someone a prize for attending a certain event, don’t make it bound to that person so other people can at least buy it

Please no. Such a rare item would very likely become one of the most expensive items in the game, and as much as our lead ‘economist’ denies it, luxury items do cause inflation, a lot in fact. Top shelf items will always be reached for, people reach for them by accelerating the rate at which they create currenct, creating currency causes inflation. Additionally, setting that higher bar in the first place invariably causes sellers to to parse their sales in it’s direction, because buyer perceptions have changed. A double whammy on the economy.

for someone to sell it for a certain price, someone else already has to have that amount of money. New money just doesn’t appear out of nowhere. And I do want Mr Sparkles, but kitten me for not having 1000 pounds to fly to Pax right?

Tell that to the legendaries, nobody had that amount of money when they were first posted, even the majority of the sellers, some do now and more will given time. Why? There are no urgency costs in GW2, and no limitations on seller resources, including space. It isn’t feasible in a real economy to put something up for sale and expect inflation to catch up, you will end up losing more money and time than it was worth, but GW2 does not mimic a real economy enough for that to be true, especially because…

New money appears out of nowhere whenever people play. The creation of currency is limited by minting in the real world, no such system in the game.

And I’m sorry if that sounded brash, I don’t mean that I think you or anyone else does not deserve this and shouldn’t be able to get it, I just don’t want this to damage the economy. In reality I just wish ANet would stop doing stupid things like this in the first place.

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