First Look at Super Adventure Box: Back To School

Tomorrow is a major release to be coming to Guild Wars 2: The long awaited update and return to Super Adventure Box.  Here we’ll be discussing the preview we had of game play and some details the developers have given us. With this you’ll be prepared to get yourself the all new Super Adventure Box skins, to overcome the madness of Tribulation Mode and to laugh at Lord Vanquish’s petty attempts to steal the Princess away.


Getting into Super Adventure Box will, of course, bring you to the all new Hub. This area seperates the Worlds into different Houses, and once inside the House you want you’ll immediately see the newest changes: An Infantile Cloud for Easy Mode, A Villager for Normal Mode and a Grumpy Cloud for Tribulation Mode. Choose your House, your difficulty and strap in for some fun!


One of the biggest additions to this version of Super Adventure Box is the finished new World and, because we have already seen Zone 1 of World 2, we begin with Zone 2. This Zone is like “asian themed” with it’s cartoony representations of samurai, ninjas, dojos and environmental themes. You’ll be jumping across massive cliffs, fighting all sorts of ninjas inside dojos, overcoming many traps and finally conquering many puzzles.

This Zone also introduces new in-game (inside another game) weapons like a massive glove to move blocks and reflect projectiles, to a Magical Flute which gives different effects dependingon which song you play. The power ups also have been given a little more attention by more proper placements relative to upcoming challenges.

Of course you can expect many more secret locations and dig spots to discover in order to give you an edge in game and to give you a boost to acquiring those skins we all wants.


Tribulation Mode will be the new “Hard Mode” that is put in Super Adventure box and can be done on any World or Zone. Don’t expect this to be like anything like the Normal Mode, but a complete and gruelling challenge for anyone who comes to it’s plate. This Mode has been described as similar to games like “I Wanna Be The Guy” or “Boshy Time” meaning that you will die many times, you will find that what seems safe is absolutely deadly and that the challenge will put you to your absolute limits.

Tribulation Mode has been stated to be intended for Hardcore players. This is meant to be absolutely challenging and they seem to have no intentions to edit this mode unless there are some gamebreaking bug that shows up. It will be a huge time and energy sink, friends.

The Guy

It looks so innocent. How so many people have ended up screaming. 

“Tribulation Mode is not intended to be there for everyone. It is specifically there for people who liked Mad King Tower and want something even harder.”

Yellow Longbow

With all this discussion of the trials to come, it’s only proper we talk of why you want to do this new content!

The main draw is, of course, the Weapon Skins.

Completing the game on Normal or Eady Modes will allow you to get your hands on the all new blue-skinned Super Weapons to finally cover every weapon type currently in game.

Tribulation Mode will allow you to get your hands on all new Green (World 1) or Yellow (World 2) weapon skins. To get these, however, requires you complete the World in order to fully unlock one weapon skin. Expect to do this a lot if you want to get them all!

On top of these there will be a new Moto Miniature you can purchase, as well as have the opportunity to make the Princess Miniature if you happen to get all the special items needed to combine with the Moto Miniature.

Lastly players will be able to get new colored backpacks upon completion of the meta-achievements (as well as the titles) tied to each World. For everyone who completes the World 1 meta-achievement (including those of us who have already completed it) they will get a Green Backpack, and World 2 (I assume) will get a Yellow Backpack.

Of course you have the chance to get Rare versions of the weapons for trade or to sell, too!

Ascended Weapon

This release will surely be keeping all of us busy overcoming all the new achievments, acquiring the new weapon skins and discovering the little nuances of story behind Moto’s madness. Personally? I’m looking forward to ripping my hair out in rage as I try to conquer Tribulation Mode, because I’m a silly completionist who can’t just enjoy his sanity! I’ll see you guys in game and remember that Tuesday will begin the changes to gaining Karma and Ascended Weapon Crafting!


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