Roger and Out

Roger & Out is a science fiction role-playing game for web browsers reminiscent of Hero Zero and Fiction Fighters. The game lets players grow a mercenary into a super hero by performing quests, dueling with NPCs or other players, collecting booty and experience points that enables their heroes to level up or increase attributes.

In the game, players will meet familiar figures such as golden droids or pointy-eared geniuses, and fight against them in a galaxy filled with monsters. As the game progresses, players can unlock more areas, create or join a guild to win more battles. Being a combination of strategy RPG and Progress bar game, Roger and Out plays a bit like a boxed game while it features intuitive controls, awesome animations and a set of comic-style graphics. During the exploration, players can also experience a hilarious story and many unexpected encounters.

Like most RPG games, Roger and Out also let players grow with pieces of equipment and attributes, but the equipment in Roger and Out consist of several components that affect the properties of the equipment.


The game will be released for January 2013. Check More browser games released in 2013. Full review Coming soon

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