PlanetSide 2: Future Content to be chosen by Players, Hackers will also be “tarred-and-feathered”

You didn’t think Planetside 2 was done did you? The MMOFPS is just that, an MMO, and as we all know MMO’s gain new content over time, although in this case it appears as if players will be the ones dictating what gets added next to the sci-fi shooter. In a long and very revealing […]

Free-to-Play Preview #1

Today we are excited to release our first episode of the Star Wars™: The Old Republic™ Free-to-Play Insider Preview. This new video series is your window into the latest news and information on the new Free-to-Play option coming to The Old Republic™ this Fall. The first video provides insight into the features offered to Free-to-Play players and Subscribers. Take a first look at the new Cartel Market as well as get answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about the Free-to-Play option.