Conquer Online: The Oriental Assassin Preview is glad to present you with our first look at Conquer Online’s latest class – the Oriental Assassin!

This is my first time spent with Conquer Online, and I was a little surprised to see the game still has more than 50 servers, since I was told the game has been around 10 years old. I chose a server and played for about an hour, before beginning the test of their new Oriental Assassin expansion. At first sight, the 2D graphics look a bit outdated, as does the GUI. But overall, I’d have to say the graphics don’t seem to bother players. The game still has a large population, probably thanks to the eastern fantasy theme, and gameplay that is much more engaging.


To explain my experience, I have to say that this is not a review of Conquer Online, since games of this size are almost impossible to give a full review, just after playing it for a couple of hours. This is just a preview of its latest class, the Oriental Assassin.

I played as a Level 100 Assassin in the test server, and was provided with a full set of +6 gear. The Oriental Assassin wears a veiled hat (think rice paddies) and their whole body seems to emit a black smoke. A mysterious looking guy, but you can sense his nature from the shining knives he’s holding.


The Oriental Assassin has the base transformation ability, and 6 offensive skills. Now, one thing to know about the Assassin is that you start out as the Archer class, and will use the transformation ability to become the Oriental Assassin. Since this is a preview of the new content, I’m just going to focus on the Assassin. The Assassin attacks by throwing knives, and has access to 3 powerful AoE skills. When the XP Skill is activated, an Assassin can easily wipe out monsters who are several levels higher, so hunting is fairly straightforward. The skill effects are gorgeous, but there is some obvious limitations, when compared to 3D MMOs like WoW or Guild Wars.


At the end of my play time, I was invited to participate in a 3v3 guild war battle. Guild wars are the most fierce and popular PvP event in CO, in which player guilds compete against a defending guild, who tries to keep the attackers from destroying the guild pole. The fight is fast paced, and cooperation and strategy play very important roles. Since the Assassin has powerful AoE skills, I was a pretty big influence in clearing a path to the pole, but credit also goes to my partners who covered and revived me during the long battle.


To summarize, I would have to agree that the Oriental Assassin is a PvP-focused class. If you like to run around and get into PvP fights, and don’t mind staring at the older graphics, Conquer Online may be a good choice for you.

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