Soldiers of Fortune

Soldiers of Fortune is a Facebook-based strategy game from Russia-based Crazy Bit. The game, which was originally released under the title “War Dogs” at, is now available for Facebook with a few social features and tweaks.

In Soldiers of Fortune, you are living in the Republican country of Corazon in which gangs, drug lords, and ordinary citizens are involving in a serious conflict, and finally a hefty war is brewing. You are the guy who controls a squad of soldiers to survive in Corazon. In the game, you should be equipped with guns, equipment, special skills to fight your way through various campaigns and missions.


At its core, Soldiers of Fortune is a third-person shooter where the single-player challenge and multiplayer campaigns comes as a familiar formula of what Jagged Alliance Online and RAD Soldiers conforms to, presenting a turn-based yet tactical shooting experience set against the backdrop of the military crime setting. This once browser-independent game available for the Russian market serves as more or less a social souped-up version of the original War Dogs, but it is now exclusively available on Facebook.

We are now playing the game and we will give a complete review of this game soon.

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