Heroes of the Realm Open Beta VIP Key Giveaway

DotMMO has teamed up with the OGplanet team to giveaway 500 keys to players who would play the open beta of “Heroes of the Realm“, a browser-based card fighting game. The Open Beta Testing is confirmed from December 13 to 17, 2012. You can claim a unique VIP key to boost your experience.

How to get a key:

DotMMO will manually giveaway a key to the player who leaves the email by replying this post.

Redemption Instructions:

1.. Sign-up and play within minutes at www.heroesoftherealm.com (no download needed!) starting Dec 13 to Dec 17.

2. Click on STORE button (bottom-right)

3. Click “Use Coupon” (top-right of the store window) to redeem your coupon!


The Open Beta Access Key Offers 100 VIP Mileage points for the exclusive VIP Shop during the HOTR OBT, along with an Extra 100 Cubics, to get an edge over all OBT players.

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