MMOHut Weekly Recap #121 Jan 27th – FireFall, Elder Scrolls, Scarlet Blade, & More!

MMOHut Weekly Recap #121 Jan 27th – FireFall, Elder Scrolls, Scarlet Blade, & More! 

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A quick look and discussion for every major announcement and update during the week! This week we discussed updates from the following games: Firefall, The Elder Scrolls Online, Renaissance Heroes, Scarlet Blade, Dragon Knights, City of Steam, DC Universe, PlanetSide 2, Archeage, Arctic Combat, & SMITE

Firefall finally has it’s first public beta test along with a few more planned in February and March. The Elder Scrolls Online announced beta signups are now available. Renaissance Heroes is going into beta featuring a full schedules of events, offering players some really nice swag. Scarlet Blade unveiled its full website with lots of detailed information about the game including ways to reserve spots in the upcoming beta. Dragon Knights Online launches with new content. Reality Squared partnered with Mechanist Games to be the publisher for City of Steam. SOE shows the press DLC 6 for DC Universe Online featuring player housing plus. PlanetSide 2 and MLG work together to prepare the game for eSports. Trion Worlds gains publication rights in North America, Europe, Turkey, Australia, and New Zealand for Archeage. Webzen is partnering with Microsoft Windows Azure to make Arctic Combat available to everyone. SMITE is now officially in open beta with tons of new features added.



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