Mr Sparkles Mini on Ebay

Even more people are saying their codes they got directly from arena net are not working, they said they are already used even confirmed by support…

Seems like someone got hold of mr sparkles codes before arena net gave them out and is now selling them on ebay. Which is why they are coming up already in use, they have been sold off..

One person reported having a used code. That person was me and the issue was resolved yesterday. Please don’t make it sound as if hundreds of people had used codes since it doesn’t appear to be the truth at all. I agree that there are 500 reasons why someone might be tempted to take a code, but that’s not the only plausible explanation. Try to have an open mind.

Many people reported having codes that weren’t working. I believe they got the same generic error I did. Anet is aware of the problem and they are looking into it. Support has been manually applying the codes for people who send tickets.

There are a ton of codes for sale on Ebay because a ton of codes were given out at the anniversary bash.

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