Update Notes for September 3rd

The update is fine so far, had fun crafting to 500.

But the one thing I really had a good laugh about, was the fact that those transmutation splitters cost 300 gems per pop. That’s 17 g – so if you thought about now being able to separate your divinity rune from a precious skin of yours, forget it, you’ll pay on top of it.

The mere guts they have for putting a bundle of 25 of those puppies into the cash shop for the staggering sum of 6000 gems (~80 €) is hilarious.

Awesome business model, really. Put out a braham armor for 800 gems all 6 pieces, if anyone ever wants to keep that armor and the runes he put in it, he’ll have to pay another 1800 gems to do just that :D

There are times where I really wish I’d play a subscription model, as even in non-cosmetically progressing games, they usually have way better methods to get your inner fashion urges satisfied.