Suburbia is a Facebook-based life simulation games where players take full control of their characters in a 2D environment and live an imaginary online life. It’s up to you to decide how to decorate the house, how to make a living and how to react to unexpected situations that life throws at you.


With little cash at hand, you have just moved into a rundown house in the neighborhood of Libertine Heights. A couple of warm-hearted neighbors will welcome you there, teaching you the fundamentals as to how to decorate your house, how to do housework and how to make a living out of nothing at all.

A lot of work has to be done. You can interact with almost every object inside and outside the house to complete the target tasks. For example, you can click the bed to get a sleep, the refrigerator to get a snack, and the guitar to play it. By doing those things, you can gain XP to level up, earn money, get a better mood and occasionally find useful tools for housework.

As you are ready to spend some time in the game, you’ve got to know better of how to earn money and make a living. You need to choose a career and attend work on a regular basis so that your virtual life can sustain. As time goes by and your money accumulates, you will be able to purchase a larger collection of objects to improve your living conditions and eventually expand your house.

Though much of the work revolved around your own house, you are not limited to step outward and visit a neighbor’s or a friend’s house, interacting with them and completing tasks for them.

Like many other Facebook games, Suburbia introduces an energy system that may put a damper on a consistent play. Each of your act takes one point of energy to conduct. Energy can be refilled over time(1 point of energy per 5 minutes). And when it is used up, you can either ask for it from friends or purchase with real money.

With the shutdown of EA’s The Sims Social in June, 2013, Suburbia has gained massive attention from players with the same liking, and the number of its regular users is still growing. If you are looking for a promising life simulation game, Suburbia should be on the top of the list.

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