Kings and Legends

Kings and Legends (Chinese: 王者召唤) is a browser-based card fighting game developed by China-based Fire Elemental and published by Germany-based Just A Game behind games like War2 Glory and OG41.

The game was originally published in Mainland China in January 2011 and in November 27, 2012, Just A Game announced the closed beta and officially named it as “Kings and Legends”.

As an online trading card game, Kings and Legends possesses all gameplay of what Magic: The Gathering offers, yet bringing MMO concept into the game with a selection of classes such as Warrior, Ranger, Mage and Priest. Players can collect, trade and enhance various type of cards, ranging from magical, physical, melee and ranged. Meanwhile the game also features city management that allows players to gather resources and craft better defensive of offensive cards.


Kings and Legends combines CCG with RPG elements and turns out to be a quite entertaining title.

Players will choose their own class and then collect cards, each of which represents a fighter, a skill, or a defensive tool such as a wall, by purchasing new packs or by defeating enemies in the storyline instance battles. Not only are the fighters divided into seven races, they are also classified into specific professions. Some boast strong defensive ability, some deal more damages while others can heal the wounded companions.

In the battles, players will deploy the cards that are ready in front of the protagonist to protect him or her and attack enemies. The party that first manages to kill the character stands on the opposite side, or the protagonist, will win the game. And in order to achieve victory, you have to make a wise use of the cards, calculate their steps, health, attacks and ranges of attack so as to effectively defend against all the possible attacks from the enemies while killing the enemies as quickly as possible.

You will also challenge other players in the arena and join in the group instance battles. A PVP battle can be 1V1, 2V2, or 4V4. Three modes are available in team instance adventures. And the mechanics remain the same. If you don’t know what to do in battles, don’t worry. Automatic combat is available in all the battles but the problem is that it doesn’t always make the best choice.

PVP or PVE battles are not the sole concerns in the game. You can upgrade your castle, unlock other structures and get access to the enhancement of weapons and armors as well as the item trading system. Actually, there is even a port where players could set sail for faraway islands to fetch experience, silver coins and the rare crystals, which are crucial for upgrading the buildings in home city.

Kings and Legends is impressive in that it beautifully mixes the RPG and the card collecting and manipulating elements. All the cards that differ from each other in the actions, movements and advantages offer the most options for players to design their strategies and at the same time enjoy the richest RPG experience, though the protagonists stand still unless you use the skill cards.

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