Karma nerf

I can see the need for a karma nerf but theyve gone way too far. The armours you get at Temples weren’t supposed to be cheap ways to get exotics but prestigious cosmetic stuff, and they along with most karma items got turned into basically cheap exotics/rares because karma was so easy to get that people were dripping out of their ears with them ( I got 1m karma in a month of casual play).

1m karma is for armor and trinkets from temples.
All players I know farmed karma and those weren’t prestigious, those were first exotics you had before getting others. And unique for guardian and necro builds for those that don’t play WvW to buy items for badges.

That was the way to get items so after 1 month of playing you were geared in exotics and you could play any dungeons or whatever you wanted.

Remember that temple items aren’t that great in stats, most people don’t consider them for other classes at all.

As for the prestigious looks… Please really… It’s like saying that getting CoF set when people were farming it was prestigious. For me seeing 1/3 of LA dressed in that meant that they don’t have gold/gems for transmutation stones to do something about the look and only few people really liked the look.

Over all the way that people could gear in exotics in 1 month was great. Now mew players or alt characters just can’t do it and that’s not something that anyone would enjoy. I for sure don’t.

Obby shards for ascended and legendaries (especially legendaries when you tend to use like 1,5 stack on clovers is really nerfed so bad also.

In the end I don’t even know how they are thinking cutting karma in 1/11.
It’s such a bad move…

I suspect they want to try to get people out in the world, doing DEs and whatever else pays with karma rather than relying on the jugs. And there were all those posts from people complaining they had so much karma and so little to buy with it.

Those people use RNG boxes for a long time and they have all they want. Thats the way it was for a long time.

I con only guess they want to make getting obby shards for crafting ascended items harder, but they shoudl increase their numbers instead of cutting karma…

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