RIFT 2.0 Hotfix #5 – 12/6/12

* The item limits for all Dimensions have increased! In general, you’ll be able to place about 25% more items – the starter dimensions can hold about 65% more. Additionally, Dimension prices have dropped across the board for those purchased with platinum.
* As part of our ongoing improvements to user experience, we’re experimenting with an increased movement rate. Ascended on foot should now move faster through the world, both in and out of combat. This is additive with other movement speed buffs, but not changing the movement rate while mounted at this time. Please give feedback about this test change!
* Fixed a case where Calling trainers would show the training dialog window instead of showing the options to reset Souls or Planar Attunement.
* Archi Forta is visible again to people who completed the Ardent Domain quest ‘Grasping at Humanity’. Yeah, somehow that was related.
* Qaijiri notoriety no longer caps at Honored. The Daily quests in Ashore also now grant more notoriety.
* PVP: Noise Cancelling Coating no longer applies to PVP targets.
* Attempted fix for ending up with a Dimension showing -1 items.

* Lanzan Capes are dye-able again.
* Crafting: Material costs for 300+ skill Daily quests have been slightly reduced.
* Increased percentages of lower-tier ore and wood harvest nodes in the higher-tier areas of Brevane and Dusken.
* Increased the minimum amount of cloth dropped by mobs. Drop rates haven’t changed, but when you get a cloth drop, it will always give at least 2.

* The quests ‘Tempest Bay’ and ‘God Engine Excursion’ should no longer have issues if you add the upgrade cloak to your wardrobe prior to turn-in.
* General Thunderscar’s broadcast text will stop going out to all zones.
* You can now complete the Fire Saga quest, Vanquish the General, at level 60.

* Zone Event: Terror Above: Further increased the hit points of the Firestorm General and Meteoric Juggernauts. Increased the number of Meteoric Fragments needing to be collected.
* IA: Meat Munchers: Can now be consistently completed.

* The Fetid Plains onslaught location now follows the changes put out in hotfix #4, where a foothold being created stops further invasions.
* Old Friends and New: You now must have completed A Walk in the Park to be eligible to pick up this quest.

* Even though it was pretty awesome, the super high “water” area where you could swim up into the sky has been removed.


* Expert: Corrected Clear Skies achievement so it will be granted any time when Dominax is defeated and not just when you qualify for Scattered Showers.

* Expert: Overseer Cowel: Slightly increased the time between Cowel calling for his guards.
* Expert: Overseer Cowel: Slightly increased the casting time of Fanatical Suicide.

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