Rise of the Warriors

Rise of the Warriors is a fantasy style mobile game with a combination of MMORPG and social duelling experience. In the game, players are able to explore the world following the storyline, collect skill cards, perform training and accept challenges to gain rewards, and eventually become the hero of the realms.

Along the way, players have a chance to unlock new items, uncover new hidden places and discover the most powerful and rarest magical weapons. Meanwhile, they can also build their camp to produce resources to enhance weapons and armor.


Rise of the Warriors is developed by Monkey Twins Studio and presented by Kabam, which publishes games Wartune, The Hobbit: Kingdoms of Middle-Earth.

The game offers eight classes and five Noble Houses (known as factions in many other games) yet with a very limited choice of avatars and avatars’ customizations. The only difference for all characters are the colors of their eyes, hairstyles, and outfits.

Battles are automatically executed except for the unleashing of the skill, which can only be used once in each battle and in most cases won’t affect the battle result that relies heavily on how powerful your gear and weapons are. The only way to guarantee the victory is to equip avatars with superior weapons and armors. On the other hand, no matter you are doing a quest, challenging other players, perform training, or exploring dungeons, all you do is choose the enemies to challenge. You won’t have to tap a point to have your avatar walk there or something. It’s all about fight, fight, and fight.

As a free game, Rise of the Warriors does not require players to pay to download and play, but it monetizes through the sale of in-game items. You consume a fight attempt whenever you challenge an enemy. And when you run out of the attempts, you can only wait for the slow refilling of one attempt every half an hour. With such a slow refilling, players can never really have a smooth gaming experience.

Offering only limited character customization, turn-based combat, and irritatingly long waits for refilling, Rise of the Warriors isn’t so promising as it should be.

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