Dragon Nest Now available at gamigo

gamigo has just announced the launch of the anime-style 3D MMORPG Dragon Nest is available at gamigo.

dragon nest eu

A long time ago the goddess Althea created a wonderful world. Under the protection of two mystical dragons, this world blossomed in harmony and prosperity. However, Althea’s success awoke envy and resentment in the world of the gods. A wicked rival poisoned the creator goddess and hence€forth have chaos and suffering ruled the once peaceful land. So begins the story of Dragon Nest. The anime-style, 3D action, role-playing game can be played here http://dragonnest.gamigo.com/en/ in both multiplayer and standalone mode.

There are four towns in the center of the world of Dragon Nest: The starter areas of Ironwood Village and Mana Ridge, Carderock Pass for experienced players, and Saint’s Haven for high-level players. The main task of heroes is to create the antidote for Althea in order to return the world to its once peaceful state. Players choose between four main character classes: Travel the land as a warrior, archer, cleric, or sorceress, take on numerous dungeons, and battle tremendous monsters. The avatars will also have to solve various puzzles. As well as the main classes, your characters can further develop in eight subclasses and learn the relevant skills.

The player decides whether they complete one of the main and side quests or go into a PvP battle. The so-called “Nesters” form the main element of the game and contain dungeons in which powerful opponents are to be defeated in order to receive special and rare items. The combination of WASD and mouse controls makes the battles especially dynamic. gamigo has decided to enter a cooperation based on a channeling partnership with eFusion and Shanda. “Users can profit from the larger variety of payment methods and advantages of the large gamigo community with this strategic channeling. This is the quickest channeling deal that gamigo has ever implemented.” Remco Westermann, Chairman of gamigo AG.

Features at a glance:

• long-term based gameplay
• unique character and class systems
• story-based character development
• high-quality graphics
• anime inspired 3D characters
• unique level design
• intuitive controls including WSAD-mouse combination and gamepad controller
• unified server, automatic channel allocation

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