Preparation for patch 5.4: siege of Orgrimmar – September 10

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The new patch brings a new raid, many class changes, a new PvP, season, and a whole new questing area. It thus marks the end of the battlefield: ingot event. Read on to learn how you can be best prepared to dive into the adventure when patch 5.4: siege of Orgrimmar hits.

Class changes
There are changes coming to every class in patch 5.4, including glyphs and abilities, as well as old Council information to established mechanics like vengeance. This is excellent time to head over to the public test realm patch notes to begin familiarizing yourself with what to expect when you log in on patch day. Do keep in mind however that the PTR notes aren’t final, and things could still change before the patch.

Don’t forget to check out Ghostcrawler’s dev Watercooler: Dissecting patch 5.4 class changes, where the doughty crab drops some knowledge on the reasons behind the class updates you’ll be seeing.

Currency conversions
Justice and security won’t be converted in patch 5.4, but with the PvP season turnover, you can expect your conquest to be converted to honor as usual.

Please be aware that the conversion cost of Justice to honor is going up, and it will cost to purchase 250 honor 500 justice.

Where’s the new Valor gear?
There won’t be a new Valor quartermaster come 5.4. instead, we invite those of you intent on gearing up quickly to face patch 5.4’s challenges to visit the new timeless Isle. You key Bashiok’s timeless Isle can get a of what’s to come by reading preview.

The Ethereals who offer item upgrades are sticking around, so you’ll still be able to spend your Valor on upgrading your existing gear.

PvP updates
Season 14 begins!
PVP season 14 arrives with patch 5.4, which means a few different things. First, season 14 grievous gear will become available. Elite version of season 14 grievous will thus be available as a mark of prestige for players that reach a personal rating of 2,000 and earn 27,000 Conquest points over the course of the season, and the non-elite want pieces to no longer be a pre requisite to purchase them. The prior season’s season 13 tyrannical gear will be available for purchase with honor points, while season 12 malevolent gear can now be crafted. Finally, equipping any pair of PvP trinkets from season 12 or later will grant a 10% reduction in damage taken from other players.

New arena system
Big, big changes are coming to how arenas are organized in patch 5.4. The most important part is that players will no longer need to create or join arena team to compete. Similar to the rated battleground system, players can in a party of the appropriate size (even cross-realm!) queue for at arena bracket of the size same as their party (2v2, 3v3, or 5v5).

For the details regarding how arenas work in 5.4, check out Daxxarri’s blog on the subject: patch 5.4 arena update.

Be prepared
The Vale of eternal blossoms and the Golden Lotus
You might already be aware that Garrosh’s callous actions will bring great destruction to the Vale of eternal blossoms. This therefore means that the majestic pagoda that once housed the Golden Lotus will be no more.

While this is truly a tragedy, the Golden Lotus fight on. You can still complete quests for them, as well as earn reputation with the Golden Lotus by slaying their enemies in the Vale. Get the details from Nethaera’s write up: patch 5.4: destruction of the Vale of eternal blossoms

Battlefield: Ingot
The conflict that has been occurring in the Barrens is culminating in the siege of Orgrimmar raid, but that means so that the various quests offered there, as well as the Darkspear rebellion quartermaster, will no longer be available once the patch hits. If you want any of the items that the quartermaster provides, such as Xan tish’s flute or latent KOR’Kron armors, then your time grows short.

While the quests and the quartermaster will be gone, the Kor’kron and their camps will remain in the Barrens (though it will no longer be possible to get the various battlefield: ingot supplies from them), and those foes will now drop Gahz ‘rooki’s Summoning Stone, Raptorhide boxing gloves, and the Corinthians’ Kron supply satchel.

Title attention hounds! The battlefield: Ingot exclusive titles, Hordebreaker (Alliance), and Darkspear revolutionary (Horde) disappear with this patch! If you want either one, you’d better get out there and finish the quest line before it’s gone.

Attention transmogrification enthusiasts! Griftah’s authentic troll shoes are disappearing with patch 5.4! They may return again at some point in the future, but if you want to be sure to have them, this would be a great time to visit the Barrens and help out the Darkspear rebellion.

Wowhead has posted a useful guide that can help you make sure to get the most from battlefield: barrens before it’s gone.

The Mantid artifact Sonic Locator is seeing some changes (you can read the PTR patch notes for details), but the big news for now is that it will be more difficult to obtain in the future, so you maybe want to grab yours now.

New Craftable RAID & PvP gear
Be usable to craft new RAID and PvP gear will new for 5.4 crafting material. You’ll be able to learn how to create the new crafting material via recipes that drops from creatures in Pandaria. Be sure to check out the professions section of the patch notes to see if it might be a good idea to hold onto some of the mats that you’ve already got stashed.

With the destruction in the Vale of eternal blossoms, jewel Danios have been airlifted to their new habitat on the timeless Isle… where you can fish them up!

Patching smoothly
It’s easy to make sure that you’re ready to play when the realms become available on patch day. If you haven’t played in a while, then one of the simplest things you can is open the world of Warcraft launcher, and allow the updater to download the latest available files of the game. If you use approved user interface AddOns, make sure you have the latest version and that they’re updated and ready to go for the new patch. So this is a good time to update your video card’s drivers, to ensure that there aren’t any compatibility issues.

If you experience any patching issues, there’s a technical support forum thread all about patching that could help. You can thus follow @BlizzardCS on Twitter for the latest support-related news.

Getting additional account help
Help with account and in-game issues is just a few clicks away. There may already be a post that addresses your concern on the customer support forum, and reading the posts there can be very helpful. the stickied posts at the top are a good first stop, and wants to help you get the most out of the forum.

The Blizzard support site provides options like searching through available solutions, or, if the self-help options don’t do the trick, submitting a support ticket might help you get back into the game almost.

Good luck, and we’ll see you in Azeroth!

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