Siege of Orgrimmar – Garrosh defeat: Horde cinematic

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Siege of Orgrimmar – Garrosh Defeat: Horde Cinematic
Spoilers ahead! This version is very similar to the Alliance version, but shows the conversation that was taking place across the room that you can’t hear in the Alliance version. Congratulations to Apophasis for getting the 4th kill, the second Horde kill, and being the first to stream the Horde cinematic!

This article was originally published in forum thread:Siege of Orgrimmar – Garrosh Defeat: Horde Cinematicstarted bychaudView original post Published on 2013-09-12 03:46 AM Tweet151Comments Comments 151 Commentsmoveth's Avatarmoveth – Yesterday

So good. Love this tier.

Reply Simca's AvatarSimca – Yesterday

Sylvanas’ head-nod is amazingly hilarious to me for some reason.

Reply Ogait's AvatarOgait – Yesterday

Love it. Can’t wait to see more!

Reply Cairm's AvatarCairm – Yesterday

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I want to see Sylvanas!

Reply Hezron's AvatarHezron – Yesterday

Quote Originally Posted by SimcaView PostSylvanas’ head-nod is amazingly hilarious to me for some reason.I thought the same thing, she just nods nonchalantly.

Reply kramjam's Avatarkramjam – Yesterday

Why is there an error i need to see

Reply assaris's Avatarassaris – Yesterday

Gallywix like a lord.

Reply Verain's AvatarVerain – Yesterday

Nice. Good Varian presence too.

Reply psychok9's Avatarpsychok9 – Yesterday

I like a lot Vol’Jin, how he responded … very nice leader.
Inspires sympathy: D

Reply Mihalik's AvatarMihalik – Yesterday

Do not like…Not enough fist pump for the Alliance, and too “cool” for the Horde. I sat Horde bias! Nerf now!

Reply Arbsbear's AvatarArbsbear – Yesterday

For The Horde !!

Reply Desparatus's AvatarDesparatus – Yesterday

Quote Originally Posted by kramjamView PostWhy is there an error i need to seeYouTube has been giving me errors all bloody day.

Reply Jigowatt's AvatarJigowatt – Yesterday

Gosh… Baine looks so out of place with his model…


Reply Wyshbonez's AvatarWyshbonez – Yesterday

So much better than the crappy alliance people talking “uhhh why is nobody talking, SHUT UP, shut up!” video thank you!!!!

Reply Quetzl's AvatarQuetzl – Yesterday

ahahahaha sylvanas is like…*w/e*

Reply Jordaeh's AvatarJordaeh – Yesterday

I do not trust Sylvanas’s little nod!

Reply Muezick's AvatarMuezick – Yesterday

That was a little underwhelming.

Reply Wyshbonez's AvatarWyshbonez – Yesterday

oh and what happened to the whole “the next warchief will be somebody noone expects… if you didnt see vol’jin as warchief comming your blind lol…. on a offnote what happened to gamon?

Reply Straamibuu's AvatarStraamibuu – Yesterday

Gah why do I always get the 30sec long ads before these I don’t want to go on a family cruise liner!!!

Reply Itisamuh's AvatarItisamuh – Yesterday

Well, at least he’s got the right of it – he isn’t worthy. It should’ve been Thrall.

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