World of Warships: Closed Beta: Full Steam Ahead

Ah, smell that fresh sea air. It’s shaping up to be a magnificent day. What kind of shape? Shipshape, of course. Today is the official start of our Closed Beta Test, and with it comes the lifting of the Non-Disclosure Agreement. That means, even if you haven’t yet been invited to play the game, you’re about to see a whole lot more footage out in the wild. Livestreams, screenshots, videos–let it rip!

As of just a few hours ago, the North American World of Warships server has been switched back on. If you’ve been a part of the Alpha or any of the Beta Test Weekends, you’re free to set sail in this latest stage of development.

Joining the Closed Beta

Odds are, you’re here reading this article because you’re looking to join the ranks of our testing community. We’re pleased to announce that the doors have been opened and you can now submit an application here:

Submit Application

While we definitely want every eager party to cast off with us, we can’t guarantee every applicant a spot in the CBT. If you don’t get in right away, don’t fret! We’ll be adding several batches of players over the next few weeks.

Further Reading and Joining the Community

If you’re starting from scratch when it comes to general warships knowledge, let alone all the mechanics that you’re sure to encounter in our game, we suggest you spend some time combing the forums and reading up on the various ship types. If you’re selected for the beta and itching to leave us some feedback, or just chat about the various features of the game, be sure to visit the CBT Forums.

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