World of Warships: Penetration areas of ships in World of Warships pt. 2

Author: Pavel Kayun, game designer
Part 1 of this set can be found here: Penetration areas of ships in World of Warships pt. 1

Partial penetration may lead to damage dealt by fragmentation explosions on the outer surface.

Partial penetration.

Shells of considerable mass that travel at high velocity may pierce a ship, exploding only after that at some distance away from impact. In such cases, there is also no reasonable damage dealt. Normally, this relates to AP shells, so obviously, attacking destroyers with AP ammo makes little sense. HE shells carry a load of explosive that basically means far more damage dealt to a ship when detonated. Nevertheless, such shells are capable of penetrating only thin armor. One of the most effective tactics is to use them in order to sweep from the deck all weak unarmored structures, including AAA sites. Many players take advantage of such a strategy.

Detonation of an HE shell.

If your shell manages to penetrate armor, the explosion will affect interior parts with varying severity. The damage will be compounded by the impact coordinates, interior construction of the ship, and the magnitude of explosion; usually, those kinds of hits lead to complete destructions. However, penetration doesn’t exclude the possibility of direct damage to vital parts of a ship dealt by projectiles.

Hitting interior sections.

Lucky hits into engine rooms or fuel tanks result in an onboard fire; detonation will shortly follow a direct impact in the ammo room areas. So the outcome is assured: the long-awaited destruction of the villain – it’s only up to you which way you want to see them perish.

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