World of Warships: There, on the Horizion! Closed Beta!


Closed Beta testing will start 12 March 2015. Details will be shared with you on the portal on this day.


Here comes the slight catch, folks. As the game is still being worked on by our developers to make it really something, we cannot let everyone in. Not just yet. That’s why we have the Closed Beta phase, which we are entering now.

Read closely now: You will get an opportunity to access the Closed Beta play testing by applying through an open form, which is going to be published on the very day of the Closed Beta launch. We aren’t announcing a specific time, but you’ll see it before noon (PDT). After reaching a certain number of applications, we will disable the form to stop the flood of requests.

So keep an eye on the portal. If you snooze, you lose!

With CBT just around the corner, we are happy to drop the non-dislosure-agreement that prevented you all from sharing your adventures from the game with the rest of the community. From 12 March onwards, you will finally be able to post your videos, screenshots and impressions without any constraints!   

Meanwhile, take a look at the fantastic trailer above. Oh, you did already, didn’t you…

Action Stations!

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