World of Warships: World of Warships Tournament: The Winning Recipe

On May 24 there was a tournament for World of Warships players. In a fierce duel, team “PS-PS-PS” managed to defeat the Royal Navy team, champions of the previous tournament, and reach the top of the standings. We asked the team and its captain to share some tips and tricks that reveal their own recipe for victory.

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Tell us about some interesting moments in battle.

In semifinals against FOS team, almost at the end of the battle, my Fletcher was left alone in the base circle. Those emotions when you sail alone in smoke knowing that enemies are close to you are unforgettable.

It is hard for me to say anything, as before the battle I’m the one who is creating all the tactics for the team, but in battle I’m completely absorbed with controlling my ship and it is hard for me to see the overall picture. Everything is in smoke, water boils from enemy fire, torpedoes try to hit me and I must maneuver. So I don’t have time to remember – I must survive.

But I have 2 moments I can share: In the second battle, while I was capturing the base, I was barely managing to dodge enemies’ and allied torpedoes. And suddenly an enemy’s cruiser jumps out of smoke, under control of Tarkiriatan. It was trying to ram me, so I tried to dodge him as much as I can. I had no torpedoes ready so I was firing my turret gun. I was lucky that my guns turned to the right and I was able to cause some damage to it. Unfortunately, it did not save my ship, but I damaged the cruiser a lot.

In the finals, I have used sly tactics against the enemy carrier. I was hiding behind an iceberg, then went to flank him. However, I did not have a clear view of him, but I remembered his position. As it turned out, my maneuvers were clearly visible to the enemy but I managed to not only fire 8 torpedoes, but also survive.


Did you have any moments in the game where you thought you were done for? And if so, how did you overcome them?

Each battle except for the first one had such moments. But they are the most memorable ones. And because of such moments, you have to play. The adrenaline, storm of emotions, trembling hands and sweaty back! How did we cope with it? We just played.

The second battle against “FOS”, when my team, after a successful enemy air attack was left with 2 Zuikakus and Fletchers. FOS had a great advantage but we had little doubts in our loss.

Our team was saved by the skills of our players. Carriers managed to work well from the air, and cruisers and destroyers were successful at holding the enemy till the main forces came.

Is it down to luck or well-thought-out tactics?

Tactics… a good word. But sometimes tactics are crushed against enemies who try to play without any tactics. Sometimes, only luck with good aim can destroy an enemy’s destroyer running at full speed. So you can’t play without luck, either.

I played a destroyer. During severe battles at the base circle in smoke, when 5-6 cruisers are hunting you… well, luck is what you need, but also, the minimap can save your life.

I suppose that luck is a result of good training.


Which tactics work 100% for sure?

I played a carrier, so I based my tactics on the strengths and weaknesses of the class. For attacking enemies’ air groups, you need to launch all the fighters, as the strike must be quick and decisive. I try to conduct a fight under protection of my allied AA guns. As a fighting unit I use divebombers, as it is hard to avoid them.

Tactics always die first. That is why 100% successful tactics are possible when the enemy is completely inactive.

Keep calm and do your job!

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